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Regular exercise pays off

  • Regularly putting money aside every month will get you closer and closer to your saving target
  • Enjoy the benefits of bonuses paid on your annual savings amount
  • Choose the speed at which you save yourself
  • Enjoy a great level of independence by choosing your own plan term
  • For fulfilling both big and small dreams

The world is your oyster

Even just putting a small amount of money aside every month can have a huge effect. Choose the speed and period over which to save to suit your needs.  

A welcome bonus

Our regular saving plans not only benefit from variable interest rates and compound interest, but also from a range of great bonuses for plans with particular terms.

Reaching the finishing line

Enjoy the rewards of attractive bonuses for your perseverance. Treat yourself to something wonderful on reaching your goal.  

100 percent peace of mind

With the Sparkassen Finance Group, you can rest absolutely assured that all of your money is in the safest of hands possible.

Online tax exemption order

Providing your Sparkasse with an exemption order will allow you to save 25 percent of your capital gains that would otherwise be paid to the tax authorities as capital gains tax.

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